Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (7)

Observing a Topological Transition in Weak-Measurement-Induced Geometric Phases. (arXiv:2102.05660v1 [quant-ph]) 上午10:05 | Yunzhao Wang, Kyrylo Snizhko, Alessandro Romito, Yuval Gefen, Kater Murch | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org Measurement plays a quintessential role in the control of quantum systems. Beyond initialization and readout which pertain to projective measurements, weak measurements in particular, through their back-action on the system, may enable various… Read more →

Lapsing Quickly into Fatalism: Bell on Backward Causation

Travis Norsen, Huw Price This is a dialogue between Huw Price and Travis Norsen, loosely inspired by a letter that Price received from J. S. Bell in 1988. The main topic of discussion is Bell’s views about retrocausal approaches to quantum theory, and their relevance to contemporary issues. Full text

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (6)

Approaches to causality and multi-agent paradoxes in non-classical theories. (arXiv:2102.02393v1 [quant-ph]) 上午10:10 | V. Vilasini | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org This thesis reports progress in the analysis of causality and multi-agent logical paradoxes in quantum and post-quantum theories. These research areas are highly relevant for the foundations of physics as well as the development of quantum technologies. In the first… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (5)

Aharonov-Bohm effect with an effective complex-valued vector potential. (arXiv:2101.11914v1 [quant-ph]) 上午10:14 | Ismael L. Paiva, Yakir Aharonov, Jeff Tollaksen, Mordecai Waegell | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org The interaction between a quantum charge and a quantized source of a magnetic field is considered in the Aharonov-Bohm scenario. It is shown that, if the source has a relatively small uncertainty while the… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (4)

Operational Theories in Phase Space: Toy Model for the Harmonic Oscillator. (arXiv:2101.08323v1 [quant-ph]) 上午9:07 | Martin Plávala, Matthias Kleinmann | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org We construct a toy model for the harmonic oscillator that is neither classical nor quantum. The model features a discrete energy spectrum, a ground state with sharp position and momentum, an eigenstate with non-positive Wigner function… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (3)

Nonlocality via Entanglement-Swapping — a Bridge Too Far?. (arXiv:2101.05370v1 [quant-ph]) 上午11:33 | Huw Price, Ken Wharton | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org A 2015 experiment by Hanson and his Delft colleagues provided new confirmation that the quantum world violates the Bell inequalities, closing some loopholes left open by previous experiments. The experiment was also taken to provide new evidence of quantum… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (2)

The hydrogen atom: consideration of the electron self-field. (arXiv:2101.02202v1 [quant-ph]) 上午9:31 | Leon V. Biguaa, Vladimir V. Kassandrov | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org We substantiate the need for account of the proper electromagnetic field of the electron in the canonical problem of hydrogen in relativistic quantum mechanics. From mathematical viewpoint, the goal is equivalent to determination of the spectrum of… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (1)

Intrinsic quantum coherence in particle oscillations. (arXiv:2012.14866v1 [hep-ph]) 上午8:59 | Anca Tureanu | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org The quantum field theoretical description of coherence in the oscillations of particles, especially neutrinos, is a standing problem in particle physics. In this talk, several inconsistencies of the standard approach to particle oscillations will be explained, and how they are resolved in a… Read more →