Protective Measurement, Postseletion and the Heisenberg Representation by Yakir Aharonov and Eliahu Cohen

This is the third chapter of the anthology Protective Measurement And Quantum Reality (CUP, 2014). Here is its abstract: Classical ergodicity retains its meaning in the quantum realm when the employed measurement is protective. This unique measuring technique is re-examined in the case of post-selection, giving rise to novel insights studied in the Heisenberg representation. Quantum statistical mechanics is then briefly described in terms… Read more →

Protective Measurement And Quantum Reality

The anthology Protective Measurement And Quantum Reality (CUP, 2014) is scheduled for release in November 2014. Here is part of the preface of the book. In 1993, Yakir Aharonov, Lev Vaidman and Jeeva Anandan discovered an important new method of measurement in quantum mechanics, the so-called protective measurement. Distinct from conventional measurements, protective measurement is a method for measuring the… Read more →

Submitted paper to IJQF

This is an example of a paper submitted to IJQF via blogs. If you are already a IJQF member, you can log in and post your paper as a PDF attachment like this, and you may also write anything relevant to your paper in your post. We hope the content of the post is informal and intriguing, such as telling personal stories behind the paper etc,… Read more →

International Journal of Quantum Foundations

This is a new adventure in methods of scientific research and academic publishing. IJQF provides a convenient, online platform for researchers to debate and resolve long-standing, controversial issues in the foundations of quantum theory. Its success depends on the participance of researchers. The new journal has the following distinct features: First journal dedicated to the foundations of quantum theory; A highly qualified… Read more →