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Latest Papers on Quantum Foundations

Latest Papers on Quantum Foundations

IJQF has launched a new service. It searches Latest Papers on Quantum Foundations worldwide and updates the list of papers with a feed engine powered by Feed on Feeds. The searched journals and preprints servers includes arXiv.org, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University Press, Classical and Quantum Gravity, European Journal for Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Physics, International Journal… Read more →

New Schedule of First iWorkshop on the Meaning of the Wave Function

  Saturday, October 25, 2014 MDT (UTC-6): 2pm-3:30pm Richard Healey (University of Arizona): The meaning of the wave function Discussion method: text chat   Sunday, October 26, 2014 CDT (UTC-5): 7.30pm-9pm Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University): Primitive Ontology in a Nutshell Presentation and Discussion method: Skype voice + text chat   Monday, October 27, 2014 EDT (UTC-4): 2pm-3.30pm Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute… Read more →

IJQF website is mobile ready

Our IJQF website has been upgraded to improve its speed and user experience. Moreover, the site is mobile ready. You can now visit the site with an iPad or a smart phone. For example, mobile visitors are able to navigate through the website and browse the Latest Papers on Quantum Foundations. Thanks to Frederick Townes and Sami Keijonen for their wonderful work!

IJQF launches preprint service

Although IJQF has a feed engine to search Latest Papers on Quantum Foundations worldwide and updates the list of papers daily, it is more convenient and helpful for members to upload their preprints and papers on quantum foundations in their IJQF blogs. Once these papers have been posted in the blogs, they are immediately visible to all members, and more importantly, other members can discuss… Read more →

International Journal of Quantum Foundations

This is a new adventure in methods of scientific research and academic publishing. IJQF provides a convenient, online platform for researchers to debate and resolve long-standing, controversial issues in the foundations of quantum theory. Its success depends on the participance of researchers. The new journal has the following distinct features: First journal dedicated to the foundations of quantum theory; A highly qualified… Read more →