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This is an example of a paper submitted to IJQF via blogs. If you are already a IJQF member, you can log in and post your paper as a PDF attachment like this, and you may also write anything relevant to your paper in your post. We hope the content of the post is informal and intriguing, such as telling personal stories behind the paper etc, which does not appear in a published paper usually.

Moreover, we note that submitting your paper to IJQF via blogs indicates that you agree our new peer review procedure. Besides the conventional peer review process, we will try a new interactive peer review procedure, which is integrated with blogs and discussion groups. When your paper has been submitted to IJQF via blogs, all members can comment on the submitted paper in the blogs and discussion groups, and you can also reply to their comments. This constructive dialogue will help improve the quality of published papers. A long term target of IJQF is not only to publish papers, but also to help generate better papers with more reasonable arguments and original ideas.

Shan Gao – Proc. R. Soc. A 2013

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