Lee Smolin

Non-local beables

I would like to begin with Bell’s remark on the possibility that the beables are non-local, which Tim Maudlin quotes. “Of course, we may be obliged to develop theories in which there are no strictly local beables. That possibility will not be considered here[1].” When I read that yesterday I was astounded because it made me realize that ever since encountering Bell’s theorem as… Read more →

Precedence and freedom in quantum physics (Open Review Paper)

Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) A new interpretation of quantum mechanics is proposed according to which precedence, freedom and novelty play central roles. This is based on a modification of the postulates for quantum theory given by Masanes and Muller. We argue that quantum mechanics is uniquely characterized as the probabilistic theory in which individual systems have maximal… Read more →