Bell non-locality, Hardy’s paradox and hyperplane dependence

Gordon N. Fleming

Submitted to “Quantum Nonlocality and Reality – 50 Years of Bell’s theorem”

I argue, in section 4, that the ‘elements of reality’ of Hardy’s famous gedanken experiment can retain their Lorentz invariance, i.e., their frame independence, if one recognizes the hyperplane dependence of their localization. This requires avoiding the conflation of hyperplane dependence with frame dependence, which occurs occasionally, and I argue against such conflation in 3. Preparatory remarks on my general perspective concerning the interpretation of quantum mechanics are presented in 2 and I begin with some reminiscences of my delayed appreciation of the significance of John Bell’s work. Finally, in 5, I criticize a view of the nature of Lorentz transformations presented by Asher Peres and co-workers which conflicts with the view employed here. Full text



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