Emergence of Spacetime Through Interaction

Furkan Semih Dündar and Baris Tamer Tonguc

We study kinematics of atoms and molecules in quantum shape dynamics. We analyzed a model universe where there is only electrical force between protons and electrons. A similar model where there is only gravitational attraction between masses was investigated by Barbour, Koslowski and Mercati before. Our results is an expansion of the ideas there. We found that absolute spacetime emerges by coarse graining the internal atomic and molecular degrees of freedom. It may be that spacetime only exists because of the presence of quantum degrees of freedoms. In the orthodox way of thinking in gravitation, emergence of spacetime is related to the gravitational degrees of freedom. Here we show that interaction alone is enough for the emergence of spacetime. In terms of our results, any force that can be attractive would give the same conclusions. This is especially important from the quantum gravity perspective. Full text

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