Reply To: Quantum Oblivion and Hesitation

Mark Stuckey

Thanks for the detailed reply, Avshalom.

It’s a statement of ignorance of course, but I don’t know how to think about “pseudo-time” processes relative to our experience. A meta-time notion of “change” strikes me as absolutely meaningless. In contrast, the individual proper time frames of PTI are quite apprehensible and have everything you want (maybe). Is there something you don’t like about PTI?


P.S. In Cramer’s 2015 paper, he complains that PTI contains needless abstraction and ends up with what, I assume, he considers to be much simpler, i.e., his “pseudo-time” process. You occasionally offer insightful adages, so you may appreciate Murphy’s Law No. 15: Complex problems have simple, easy-to-understand wrong answers. Here is my corollary: If you want to capture a meaningful notion of Becoming/Now/change in a retrocausal account, you can’t go cheap.

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