Reply To: Holism and time symmetry


Thanks for the clarification! Some questions: Can I gloss “undirected spacelike link” (in figs 2 and 3) as “holistic property”? If so, then figs 2 and 3 have them, and fig 1 doesn’t. But you say fig 3 “strikes me as also ~holism”. It strikes me as holism!

But maybe you mean that fig 3 is holism and fig 1 isn’t (according to me), and yet (as you point out) fig 3 can be made as close to fig 1 as we like (by moving points p and q close to S). That’s right, but there’s still an absolute distinction between spacelike and null, and that’s what’s doing the work (it seems to me). Fig 1 has no undirected spacelike links, so that’s how it escapes holism.

Am I getting closer?

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