The classical and the quantum paper

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Newtonian and Schroedinger dynamics can be formulated in a physically meaningful way within the same Hilbert space framework. This fact was recently used to discover an unexpected relation between classical and quantum motions that goes beyond the results provided by the Ehrenfest theorem. The Newtonian dynamics was shown to be the Schroedinger dynamics of states constrained to a submanifold of the space of states, identified with the classical phase space of the system. Quantum observables are identified with vector fields on the space of states. The commutators of observables are expressed through the curvature of the space. The resulting embedding of the Newtonian and Schroedinger dynamics into a unified geometric framework is rigid in the sense that the Schroedinger dynamics is a unique extension of the Newtonian one. Furthermore, under the embedding, the normal distribution of measurement results associated with a classical measurement implies the Born rule for the probability of transition of quantum states. In this paper, the implications of the obtained theory to the process of measurement in quantum theory are analyzed. The double-slit, EPR and Schroedinger cat type experiments are reviewed anew. It is shown that, despite reproducing the usual results of quantum theory, the framework is not simply a reformulation of the theory. New experiments to discover the predicted effects are proposed.


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