Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (10)

Gao, Shan (2019) Is there density matrix realism? [Preprint]
de Swart, Jaco (2019) Closing in on the Cosmos: Cosmology’s Rebirth and the Rise of the Dark Matter Problem. [Preprint]
Allori, Valia (2018) Free Will in a Quantum World? [Preprint]
Allori, Valia (2019) Scientific Realism without the Wave-Function: An Example of Naturalized Quantum Metaphysics. [Preprint]

Machine learning in quantum spaces

Machine learning in quantum spaces, Published online: 13 March 2019; doi:10.1038/d41586-019-00771-0

Ordinary computers can perform machine learning by comparing mathematical representations of data. An experiment demonstrates how quantum computing could use quantum-mechanical representations instead.

McCoy, C.D. (2018) Did the Universe Have a Chance? In: UNSPECIFIED.
Lazarovici, Dustin (2019) Position Measurements and the Empirical Status of Particles in Bohmian Mechanics. [Preprint]
Rosaler, Joshua and Harlander, Robert (2019) Naturalness, Wilsonian Renormalization, and ‘Fundamental Parameters’ in Quantum Field Theory.

Author(s): Patrick J. Coles, Vishal Katariya, Seth Lloyd, Iman Marvian, and Mark M. Wilde

Energy-time uncertainty plays an important role in quantum foundations and technologies, and it was even discussed by the founders of quantum mechanics. However, standard approaches (e.g., Robertson’s uncertainty relation) do not apply to energy-time uncertainty because, in general, there is no Herm…

[Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 100401] Published Tue Mar 12, 2019

Esfeld, Michael (2019) Against the disappearance of spacetime in quantum gravity. [Preprint]
de Ronde, Christian and Freytes, Hector and Sergioli, Giuseppe (2019) Quantum Probability: a reliable tool for an agent or a reliable source of reality? Synthese. ISSN 1573-0964
Gao, Shan (2019) Why special relativity? [Preprint]

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