Addendum to Quantum Wave Function Collapse of a System Having Three anti Commuting Elements

Abstract : We indicate a new way in the solution of the problem of the quantum measurement . In past papers we used the well-known formalism of the density matrix using an algebraic approach in a two states quantum spin system S, considering the particular case of three anticommuting elements. We demonstrated that, during the wave collapse, we have a transition from the standard Clifford algebra, structured in its space and metrics, to the new spatial structure of the Clifford dihedral algebra. This structured geometric transition, which occurs during the interaction of the S system with the macroscopic measurement system M, causes the destruction of the interferential factors. In the present paper we construct a detailed model of the (S+M) interaction evidencing the particular role of the Time Ordering in the (S+M) coupling since we have a time asymmetric interaction . We demonstrate that , during the measurement , the physical circumstance that the fermion creation and annihilation operators of the S system must be destroyed during such interaction has a fundamental role.

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