Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (44)

Non-reflexive Logical Foundation for Quantum Mechanics Latest Results for Foundations of Physics on 2014-11-02 12:00am GMT Abstract On the one hand, non-reflexive logics are logics in which the principle of identity does not hold in general. On the other hand, quantum mechanics has difficulties regarding the interpretation of ‘particles’ and their identity, also known in the literature as ‘the problem… Read more →

Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interactions between Many Classical Worlds

Michael J. W. Hall, Dirk-André Deckert, and Howard M. Wiseman, Quantum phenomena modelled by interactions between many classical worlds. Phys. Rev. X 4 041013 [17 pages] (2014). At the request of Dr Shan Gao, I’m posting here a short discussion of this new paper. This work is motivated by the quantum measurement problem, which suggests that orthodox quantum mechanics does not… Read more →

Haag’s theorem: proposed resolution

I’m in the process of drafting a paper on resolving the problems associated with Haag’s theorem: Haag, R. (1955). “On quantum field theories,” Matematisk-fysiske Meddelelser, 29, 12. This involves resurrecting direct-action theories as a possible account of how Nature really works. It is perhaps not well known that John Wheeler himself was attempting to resurrect the direct action approach in… Read more →

New Schedule of First iWorkshop on the Meaning of the Wave Function

  Saturday, October 25, 2014 MDT (UTC-6): 2pm-3:30pm Richard Healey (University of Arizona): The meaning of the wave function Discussion method: text chat   Sunday, October 26, 2014 CDT (UTC-5): 7.30pm-9pm Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University): Primitive Ontology in a Nutshell Presentation and Discussion method: Skype voice + text chat   Monday, October 27, 2014 EDT (UTC-4): 2pm-3.30pm Lee Smolin (Perimeter Institute… Read more →

Bell non-locality, Hardy’s paradox and hyperplane dependence

Gordon N. Fleming Submitted to “Quantum Nonlocality and Reality – 50 Years of Bell’s theorem” I argue, in section 4, that the ‘elements of reality’ of Hardy’s famous gedanken experiment can retain their Lorentz invariance, i.e., their frame independence, if one recognizes the hyperplane dependence of their localization. This requires avoiding the conflation of hyperplane dependence with frame dependence, which… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (42)

This is a list of this week’s papers on quantum foundations published in the various journals or uploaded to the preprint servers such as arxiv.org and PhilSci Archive. Inhomogeneities from quantum collapse scheme without inflation. (arXiv:1410.4212v1 [gr-qc]) gr-qc updates on arXiv.org on 2014-10-18 8:32am GMT In this work, we consider the problem of the emergence of seeds of cosmic structure… Read more →