2019 International Workshop: Beyond Bell’s theorem

Unitary-Only Quantum Theory Cannot Consistently Describe the Use of Itself

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    Ruth Kastner

    There has been much discussion about the F-R paradox, but to my knowledge, it has not yet been considered that the paradox is a consequence of the traditional assumption that quantum theory ‘really’ has only unitary dynamics; i.e., that there is no ‘objective reduction’ or physical non-unitarity in QM. Here it is argued that it is the unitary-only (UO) assumption that leads to the FR inconsistency, and that UO is in fact optional. Thus perhaps we should consider the possibility that QM does have a physically real, non-unitary ‘measurement transition’. (If there is concern about Lorentz invariance in connection with such non-unitarity, it should be noted that the relativistic transactional interpretation (RTI) has Lorentz-invariant collapse, since it occurs with respect to an invariant spacetime interval, not with respect to any single ‘preferred’ time index. This is draft paper subject to improvement through input from discussants: http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/16290/ Thank you!

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