Do measurements yield results in Bohm’s theory?

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    In Bohm’s theory, the standard result assumption is that the relative configuration of Bohmian particles (i.e. positions of all of the particles relative to one another) representes the measurement result. In this paper, I present a new objection to this assumption. It is argued that there is no definite correlation between the particle configuration of the measuring device and the measured quantity after a measurement in Bohm’s theory. Since the pointer state that is eligible to represent a measurement result is required to have a definite correlation with the measured quantity, this result seems to imply that the standard result assumption cannot be true. Moreover, it is argued that a probabilistic correlation cannot solve this problem of indefinite-ness for Bohm’s theory. The Bohmian law of motion is deterministic, and the theory does not provide a random dynamics that may realize the probabilistic correlation. Finally, I suggest that in order to avoid the above difficulty, Bohm’s theory needs to be revised by using a new equation of motion for the Bohmian particles to describe the interactions between quantum systems.

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