A psychophysical solution to the tails problem of collapse theories

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    In collapse theories of quantum mechanics such as the GRW theory , the measurement result is represented by the post-measurement state which is still a superposition of different result branches, although the modulus squared of the amplitude of one result branch is close to one. This leads to the tails problem. In this paper, I present a new analysis of the tails problem of collapse theories, and suggest a more complete solution to the problem. First, I argue that the tails problem exists not only in collapse theories, but also in Everett’s theory and even in Bohm’s theory, and there is no structured tails problem for collapse theories. Moreover, I point out that the tails problem has two levels: the physical and mental levels or the objective and subjective levels. One needs to analyze not only the connection between high modulus-squared values and macro-existence, but also the connection between these values and our experience of macro-existence. Second, I briefly review the existing solutions to the objective and subjective tails problems. I argue that the objective tails problem may be solved more directly, while one needs to further investigate the psychophysical connection in order to solve the subjective tails problem. Third, I analyze how the mental state of an observer is determined by her wave function in collapse theories. It is argued that the mental content of an observer is related to the amplitude of each result branch of the superposition she is physically in, and it may be composed of all possible results. Moreover, the modulus squared of the amplitude of each result branch may determine the vividness of the part of the mental content containing the result. Finally, I argue that the modulus-squared values determining the vividness of the corresponding parts of the mental content may help solve the subjective tails problem of collapse theories.
    Full text: https://www.academia.edu/35802127/A_psychophysical_solution_to_the_tails_problem_of_collapse_theories

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