Reply To: A problem of Bohmian mechanics

Rainer Plaga

Dear Reinhard,

with SQM I just meant OQM. I did not intend to claim that every
system to be measured is an ES, but just that the
standard BM discussion of quantum measurement starts
out with a system to be measured that is an ES.
My suspicion is that rather than exorcism 😉
they implicitly invoke OQM for the preparation procedure.
Indeed Duerr et al. justify their initial ansatz
for the discussion of the quantum measurement
theory in BM (arXiv:quant-ph/0308039v1, p.24)
with, quote, “according to orthodox quantum measurement theory”,
quoting inter alia von Neumann’s textbook.

If my suspicion is correct rather than as an alternative to OQM,
BM is best understood as a complement to OQM that
demonstrates that OQM can be complemented
to be a deterministic theory.
Like u wrote in a previous guest post:
‘BM = OQM and P’
where P are Bohmian particles guided by the Bohmian equation.
Does this make sense?

cheers rainer

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