Reply To: General "Block Universe" Discussion

Mark Stuckey

Like Ken, I don’t understand why people use (tacitly or explicity) a Block Universe (BW) for retrocausality then add a “pseudo-time” or meta-time to artificially create a dynamical notion of “causation.” If you want a robust Now/Becoming, it will cost you lots more formal machinery than a bare BW. But, if you’re willing to pay the price, you can have it, e.g., PTI.

Ian, I don’t understand why you think randomness is difficult to account for in a BW. I suspect you see something I don’t. I picture identical subsets of the BW corresponding to the repeated trials of an experiment. The goal is then to account for the distribution of outcomes shown in those subsets. The BW distribution function is found using probability amplitudes computed with the path integral (a BW computation). Can you explain what my understanding lacks that makes the process mysterious/problematic for you?

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