Reply To: General "Block Universe" Discussion

Ken Wharton

Ian: if you are just referring to the “Block” itself, see my #2711 above.

If you’re talking about classical randomness, or stochastic theories, another way to think about it is this: Most people’s trouble with the Block Universe has to do with the *future*. Very few people have trouble imagining a Block-year-1999. (Do you?) So any randomness that you associate with that year has a clear Block Universe representation. If you have trouble thinking the same way about the year 2999, you’re not alone, but I’d argue this is strongly linked with the “becoming” issue. (Why else would the future be thought different from the past?)

If you’re talking about *quantum* randomness, the situation is indeed trickier, but I also addressed this somewhat in #2711. My retrocausal models, including the ones in this forum, reproduce the observable effects of quantum randomness while being framed in a Block Universe. Still, this is quite a thorny subject — something we should definitely talk about!

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