Reply To: God knows where all the particles are!


Dear Dustin,
on the note of your pre-previous post: I take back the word “pamphlet”. What I meant is the kind of paper that starts with declaring mainstream QM to be deluded, in contrast to “exact” and “clear” BM. What is the point of this self-congratulatory note? Shouldn’t clarity be the result of an investigation and left to the reader to judge? And exactness should be obvious from the work, especially for a mathematical physicist. But it is just used as a code in reference to that unprofessioally silly quote from Bell calling QM “unprofessionally vague”. Anyhow, I agree we should value the bits of rational argumentation that may nevertheless be present in spite of appearences.
As to theses: I find it a pretty bad topic for a thesis to prove the superiority of BM against some alleged opponent. What comes out might well look like a pamphlet. But that is not the student’s fault who is just being deprived of a chance to learn how science should work.

To your last post. Again, my fault. If you find it not worth the while of Shelly and Detlef to discuss BM in detail, I clearly shouldn’t have bothered.

So long, Reinhard

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