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Jiri Soucek

Dear Dieter Zeh,

I think there is one old hypothesis which was not analyzed yet: the nonrealism option from the dichotomy nonlocality vs. nonrealism. The nonlocality option was analyzed in many studies in last 50 years but there are only few papers that analyze the nonrealism option in some concrete explicit models. I think that such non-equilibrium is very bad. In fact, the nonlocality option did not show much success – old problems rest unsolved. I think that this is a mistake since the nonrealism option could offer new perspectives and new possibilities to solve old problems.
I tried to develop ecplicit proposals in this direction (cited in the attached notes) and perhaps something interesting can be found there.

I would like to comment Your opinion expressed in the reply #2212 that a proposal containing possible changes in some building blocks of QM like superpositon principle, for example, should be well justified. I try to do this. In attached notes I hope I have proved that (i) the predictions of modified QM are the same as predictions of the standard QM and (ii) the nonrealism option implies the necessity to abandon the individual superposition principle (“the superposition of individual states represents an individual state”) – here the term individual state means the state of the individual system (i.e. the ontic state). This means that without the possibility to change something in the superposition principle the nonrealism option is not realizable. I hope that the abandonment of the superposition principle in my papers on the modified QM (i.e. using the anti-von Neumann axiom) can be in this way justified. Your opinion on this matter would be very helpful for me.

Your Jiri Soucek

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