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Aurelien Drezet

It is a bit late sorry, the server is making strange things like posts disscuned in mail but not appearing on this web page. I wrote you this answer a couple of days ago but it got lost :

Dear Miroljub Dugic, I have presently no idea how to give a clear answer to that question (Bohmian Mechanics is a program of research in this domain). What I can tell you for now is that the non relativistic version of BM exists with external potentials. This works very well. Then you have the model proposed by Bohm for quantum EM fields where bosons are described in a different ways as electrons. In principle so your answer is in that work (even if I dont like it too much because it is strange for me that photon are not playing the same role as electrons as particles). However, I dont think that anyone has developped a good model of QED in the context of bohmian mechanics so that your question has no good answer even if the maths will tell that indeed the electron do not always radiate in agreemeent with QM . In my view BM is sill waiting for something deeper in the relativistic domain and the answer to your question will come in this context. Probably BM is not the only guiltyguy and relativistic BM shares the complete responsability as well. This is one of my topic work but I have unfortunatelly not so much time devoted to Bohmian mechanics currently (students are demanding).

with best regards


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