Reply To: Why Bohmian theory?

Aurelien Drezet

As a kind of comment to that I wrote here a quote By Bell I found in the paper by Daniel Rohrlich:
‘ For me, it is so reasonable to assume that the photons in those experiments carry with them programs, which have been correlated in advance, telling them how to behave. This is so rational thatI think that when Einstein saw that, and the others refused to see it, he was the rational man. The other people, although history has justified them, were burying their heads in the sand. I feel that Einstein’s intellectual superiority over Bohr, in this instance, was enormous; a vast gulf between the man who saw clearly what was needed, and the obscurantist. So for me, it is a pity that Einstein’s idea doesn’t work. The reasonable thing just doesn’t work.’
Well I hope that the destiny of Bohmian mechanics will be better but we are in good company any way.
best Aurélien

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