Reply To: Retrocausal Bohm Model


Hi Dustin,
Thanks for your feedback. First, I’m re-reading Durr, Goldstein and Zanghi’s paper to see if I should modify my previous opinion on the conclusiveness of their argument. This will take a little while since it’s a long paper (75 pages), so I’ll get back to you on this. Second, I’m going through the equations in my paper to see how the notation could be improved and to check if anything deeper is wrong. I’ve deliberately tried to keep the notation neat and simple, but I may have sacrificed some clarity in doing this. I think I could answer some of your queries immediately but, again, I’ll wait until I’ve sorted through all of it before giving you a response. It’s good to have a mathematician scrutinizing my work, since the philosophers tend to have different concerns.
Best wishes,

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