Reply To: God knows where all the particles are!


Hi Dustin — First, I don’t think you’re “interfering” at all. I’ve found all of your comments to be extremely illuminating and on-point! Second, I know the kind of Vaidman/Gisin argument you’re referring to, and (not surprisingly) I agree with you that it’s really no argument at all if you’re willing to just take BM seriously. And I do see why you interpret Reinhard as thinking along these same lines — clearly the occasionally “surrealistic” character of the trajectories is part of, or at least related to, what’s on Reinhard’s mind. But I’m not sure that’s really the main point. I’ve said what I think the essence of his, uh, mis-application is, and as of right now, I still continue to think that. But… only Reinhard can know for sure whether the problem, really, is that he’s thinking of BM in the Frankenstein way I described above, or if he’s instead worrying about the trajectories being surrealistic. Maybe he’ll elaborate and we can make some progress towards mutual understanding…

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