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Jiri Soucek

Dear professor Zeh,

I would like to comment Your reply #2212

You have written “I think that every individual proposal that does not explicitely postulate the superposition principle … should at least indicate how it would justify the well established general applicability … of this most important principle of quantum mechanics.” My comment. In fact, there are two superposition principles. The individual superposition principle applicable to individual states (i.e. states of individual systems, i.e. ontic states) and the collective superposition principle applicable to collective states (i.e. states of ensembles, i.e. epistemic states). In the psi-ontic situation the collective superposition principle implies the individual superposition principle but this may be false in the situation which is not psi-ontic. (In such a situation Your statement might be partially a prejudice.) The collective superposition principle is generally considered as true. My proposal (, the modified QM is not psi-epistemic but it is psi-hybrid, i.e. ontic-epistemic which means that some wave functions describe individual (ontic) states (typically individual states form the orthogonal base of the Hilbert space) while other wave functions describe collective (epistemic) states. In this situation the collective superposition principle holds, while the individual superposition principle does not hold (in fact, the anti-superposition princople holds). This is consistent position since the experimental proofs of the superposition principle are always concerned with ensembles. QM is a probabilistic theory and predicts only probabilities which can be tested only on ensembles. Moreover, I think that considerations concerning individual states cannot be experimentally tested since the standard QM and the modified QM have the same experimental consequences.

My position with respect to the locality: I think that locality should be an axiom of QM (especially with respect to Special Relativity). I hope that I have proved that my proposal, that the modified QM is local.

My position in Your taxonomy: 3b`4 – this means 3b, psi-hybrid but not psi-epistemic and completely local. I hope I have been able to show the locality of the modified QM.

Your Jiri Soucek

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