Reply To: A New Ontological Interpretation of the Wave Function


Hi Peter, thanks a lot for your very helpful comments. Your questions are closely related to the understanding of RDM (random discontinuous motion) of particles. RDM gives an ontological interpretation of the wave function, but the instantaneous picture cannot explain interference and measurement. To explain the former, we still need the law of motion, which is supposed to be the linear Schrodinger equation for the wave function (which describes the state of RDM during a time interval dt). For the latter, we still need a solution to the measurement problem. Here RDM may help. My idea is that RDM may be the source of the randomness of measurement results, and especially, if wavefunction collapse is real, RDM may be the random noise that collapses the wave function. I proposed a model here ( No doubt further study is needed for my idea of RDM. Best, Shan

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