Reply To: Retrocausal Bohm Model

Dustin Lazarovici

Dear Rod,

I am very interested in your model. I hope I’ll be able to study it in more detail and ask more qualified questions before the workshop is over. Until then, I’d like to address your previous post and point out that in standard Bohmian mechanics, the Born rule CAN be derived from first principles in a rigorous way.

This was done in a seminal paper by Dürr, Goldstein and Zanghí titled “Quantum Equilibrium and the Origin of Absolute Uncertainty”. You can find the online version here:

The argument is very similar to Boltzmann’s analysis for classical statistical mechanics. It is shown that Born’s rule is true in typical Bohmian universes, i.e. in quantum equilibrium. More precisely, it is shown that for typical initial configurations (of all the particles in the universe), the particle positions in an ensemble of subsystems with effective wave-function psi are distributed according to |psi|^2.

I would expect that the quantum equilibrium analysis doesn not – without further ado – carry over to the time-symmetric version of the theory, where you have two boundary conditions. However, a colleague of mine is currently working on a “timeless” extension – using a “history measure”, so to speak – that might.

Best wishes,

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