Reply To: General "Block Universe" Discussion

Mark Stuckey

On p 8 of Cramer writes, “The transaction that forms after the emitter-absorber offer-confirmation exchange process goes to completion is the real object, what we would call the ‘particle’ that has been transferred from emitter to absorber.” Now look at Figures 3 and 5, and you’ll see that he’s using a BW.

The way I see it, he’s just like us in that he assumes a fundamental ontological entity that spans space and time then seeks an explanation for its distribution in the BW. In your case, that fundamental ontological entity is the classical field and in RBW it’s the spacetimesource element. In your case, the explanatory mechanism is L = 0, for RBW it’s the adynamical global constraint, and for TI it’s the “pseudo-time” process. [In the classification scheme I used above, I’d say you’re in the “global constraint” camp.] So, we have different fundamental ontological entities and different explanatory mechanisms, but we’re all playing in the BW.

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