Reply To: General "Block Universe" Discussion

Mark Stuckey

I was trying to be exhaustive concerning the view of QM in a BW. To do that I have to include TI with its “pseudo-time” processes. You agree TI is in a BW, right? And having mentioned TI with its “pseudo-time” processes, I had to mention PTI with its proper time evolving BW (of sorts). This is precisely the point of PTI’s departure from TI.

To follow up on Ken’s post, rather than think about multiple BW’s each corresponding to a different experimental outcome, I just imagine subsets of one BW, each subset representing a different trial (with outcome) in an experiment that’s been repeated many times. Thus, the probability of QM is just giving a spatiotemporal frequency of occurrence for these subsets per normal physics.

Hope I’m not confusing the issue.

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