Reply To: God knows where all the particles are!


Dustin wrote: “there seems to be a misunderstanding”.

That is my sense as well. Reinhard, it seems like you have a number of simple factual misconceptions about how Bohm’s theory works and what it says. Did you read the long comment on the other thread that I linked to above? If you have questions about how/why/whether the sorts of things I was saying there are true, it would probably be quite helpful to hash them out here. On the other hand, to me it seems rather pointless to just ignore the claims of the people who understand the theory well, and continue with the straw man type rhetoric against the theory. If you think we’re wrong about something, by all means call us on it. We can argue about it and at least maybe somebody else reading the exchange will learn something. But what’s the point of saying things like “Bohmian trajectories are unobservable as a matter of principle” when you know Bohmians don’t accept that as an accurate characterization of the theory?

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