Reply To: God knows where all the particles are!


Dear Miroljub, I don’t quite get your point. Of course, as a theoretical physicist I am all for explanations. That is my line of work. I just do not see BM providing any. The Bohmian line that QM does not explain anything, because it is not operating in terms of some “real factual situation of the universe” is based on a different idea of explanation. The whole disagreement is about that.

Bohmians claim that by inventing this objective description they make the theory more “clear” or “exact”. I claim that the scientific value of such inventions is on the same level as the mystical explanation that Reality is what is in the mind of God (and in either case: carry on with science as usual, because this doesn’t teach you anything new). If that makes you happy or soothes you, fine by me. I don’t find it worth too much paper.

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