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Mark Stuckey

Glad to see you here, Ken!

Of course, I believe 4D spacetime can be used to model classical causality. However, the phenomena under consideration here are space-like separated correlations that violate Bell’s inequality and those phenomena violate classical causality (as articulated by Wood and Spekkens, for example). Obviously, I’m not “denying any role of future boundary conditions as a constraint on what’s happening now.” That is germane to the path integral approach which we use in RBW. And, I agree that if I change an equipment setting, I definitely acted “causally” in a 4D situation (experimental process). But, the causation in that case is simply to instantiate a particular trial. I don’t take that as causally related to the correlated outcomes per se. In other words, if someone asked me, “Why did you get agreement in 25% of the EPRB trials in which the SG magnets were 120 degrees apart?” I wouldn’t answer*, “Because I choose to set the SG magnets 120 degrees apart.” My decision to set up that particular configuration is just not relevant to explaining the outcomes. So, I agree with term “deflationary intervention” in that case.

That being said, I do acknowledge that the classification of RBW as “retrocausal” is not for me to decide. That is decided by the “retrocausal school” where you are a leader. So, if you say RBW is retrocausal, then it’s retrocausal. The bottom line is, we should definitely acknowledge we’re in the same camp and avoid destructive infighting. We’re in a small group who believes that future boundary conditions are explanatory for violations of Bell’s inequality. Exactly how the use of future boundary conditions is viewed should not keep us from supporting each other. Constructive criticism is of course acceptable 🙂

Hopefully my voicing a difference of opinion is taken as constructive criticism, not destructive infighting.

*The answer to that question would be the adynamic global constraint for the relevant spacetimesource element. Since RBW’s fundamental ontological entities for modeling QM phenomena are 4D spacetimesource elements, I don’t see RBW as containing any robust sense of causation at the fundamental level.

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