Reply To: A problem of Bohmian mechanics

Rainer Plaga

Hi Roderich,

Thanks for the comments!
Your characterization of my question at the
beginning of your second comment is excellent.
But you did not answer this question explicitly.
Are your comments meant as
an assertion that the answer to my question

>Can the possible
>existence of ESs be derived from
>postulates 1. and 2. in a manner
>similar to the above SQM-Derivation?

is “yes”?
And is your second comment meant to
supply such a derivation?!

If yes, I do not comprehend why
the electron should get un-entangled
once it leaves the filament within BM.
Free evolution clearly will not do this trick, right?
In SQM the trick is that
the macroscopic filament (but not the electron
outside the filament) is effectively constantly
measured so that it rapidly collapses to an un-entangled
wave function.

As to your third remark: I do realize that
BM will always make an unambiguous prediction,
even if the possibility to prepare ESs would not be
a priori assumed.
But how do you know that this prediction agrees
with experience? A proof that it always does
would seem to be equivalent to a derivation of
the postulate “ESs can be prepared”
from the axioms of BM.

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