Reply To: On the single-particle Bohmian account

Ken Wharton

Thanks, Aurelien… It sounds like we’re mostly in agreement about how it all fits together; I just wish this point was clearer in presentations of the “intuitive” single-particle examples. One sometimes gets the impression that Bohmian mechanics has a spacetime-based resolution of any single-particle problem.

But I think there are lots of outstanding single-particle puzzles in QM. For example: why is it only Gaussian distributions that have non-negative Wigner functions? This is a single-particle puzzle, but it doesn’t seem like the Bohmian single-particle account can help address it, because velocity measurements turn out to be so problematic in such a context.

(Okay, now I’m expecting Travis to point me to where he’s already explained all this in great detail… 🙂

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