Reply To: Holism and time symmetry


Aha! Now I get it. Sorry to be so slow!

Yes, that’s nice, thanks for the suggestion. Here’s my only worry. In the regular EPRB case (fig 2), we need a holistic property of the pair (of two points of space on a hyperplane) because Bell’s theorem tells us that you can’t make do with intrinsic properties of the two points alone. But in the retrocausal case (fig 1), there’s no apparent need for a temporally holistic property — of two points of time along a world-line — because Bell’s theorem doesn’t apply. So in what sense, exactly, is the retrocausal case temporally holistic? I know you have to treat the system as a temporal whole in assigning properties to the temporal parts, but the properties themselves don’t seem to involve any holism. Is ther a way to make the parallel between temporal and spatial holism closer?

(BTW this is very helpful!)

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