Reply To: On the single-particle Bohmian account

Aurelien Drezet

Dear Ken Wharton, In my view there is no contradiction between your first impression concerning the single particle theory and the many-particles approach acting in the configuration space. Indeed, actually you are confusing the measurement problem with the ontological problem. The most basic part of Bohmian theory is of course the ontological problem and following this view the single particle indeed follow a simple path in the 3D space. As you mentionned this is the most intuitive part of the theory. However, when you need to consider interactions and measurements in most cases you get something non local due to entanglement. This makes sense in the configuration space since you need then a larger system. It is only with some very simple measurements that your intuition can be recovered and in most cases you have to be prudent, has it was pointed out many times by Bohm, Bell and others.


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