Planned Papers

Haag’s theorem: proposed resolution

I’m in the process of drafting a paper on resolving the problems associated with Haag’s theorem: Haag, R. (1955). “On quantum field theories,” Matematisk-fysiske Meddelelser, 29, 12. This involves resurrecting direct-action theories as a possible account of how Nature really works. It is perhaps not well known that John Wheeler himself was attempting to resurrect the direct action approach in… Read more →

(Nearly) 90 Years of Heisenberg’s Error-Disturbance Relation: Challenges and Vindications

Paul Busch (University of York) Submitted to “90 Years of Quantum Mechanics” In 1927 quantum pioneer Werner Heisenberg formulated his famous uncertainty principle, one aspect of which concerned a trade-off between the accuracy in the measurement of one observable and the resultant necessary disturbance of another observable incompatible with the first. Here we investigate why it has taken nearly 90… Read more →