Ruth Kastner

Submitted paper: Haag’s Theorem as a Reason to Reconsider Direct-Action Theories

ABSTRACT. It is argued that the severe consequences of Haag’s inconsistency theorem for quantum field theories can be successfully evaded in the direct-action approach. Some recent favorable comments of John Wheeler, often mistakenly presumed to have abandoned his own (and Feynman’s) direct-action theory, together with the remarkable immunity of direct-action quantum electrodynamics to Haag’s theorem, suggest that it may well… Read more →

Haag’s theorem: proposed resolution

I’m in the process of drafting a paper on resolving the problems associated with Haag’s theorem: Haag, R. (1955). “On quantum field theories,” Matematisk-fysiske Meddelelser, 29, 12. This involves resurrecting direct-action theories as a possible account of how Nature really works. It is perhaps not well known that John Wheeler himself was attempting to resurrect the direct action approach in… Read more →