Mark Stuckey

Quantum Mysteries for No One?

Attached is our comment on the paper by Frank Lad, “Quantum Mysteries for No One” in Journal of Modern Physics (July 2021). Lad’s paper claims to refute Mermin’s result in, “Quantum Mysteries for Anyone” in Journal of Philosophy (1981). [Also published as, “Bringing home the atomic world: Quantum mysteries for anybody” in American Journal of Physics (1981).] While Lad may… Read more →

Concerning Quadratic Interaction in the Quantum Cheshire Cat Experiment

We believe the weak interaction of the quantum Cheshire Cat experiment must be linear if the weak values are to support the quantum Cheshire Cat interpretation, i.e., that a particle and one of its properties are spatially separated. For example, even though Denkmayr et al. measured the proper weak values for quantum Cheshire Cat in their neutron interferometry experiment, they did so using a quadratic… Read more →