Revised submission: Decoherence and the Transactional Interpretation

In response to reviewer comments, I am posting a sightly revised version of my previously submitted paper. Editor: please note that my emails to you are not getting through at the moment, so please consider this my resubmission. Many thanks.

ABSTRACT: This paper presents an analysis of decoherence resulting from the physically real non-unitarity, or ‘objective reduction,’ that occurs in the Transactional Interpretation (TI).  Two distinct aspects of the decoherence process are identified and disambiguated; specifically, (i) the resolution of the basic measurement interaction with respect to the observable under study, and (ii) the effect on the measured system of repetition of the measurement interaction. It is shown that the measurement interaction as described in TI leads naturally to the same quantitative expression for the decoherence functional as in the standard unitary-only account. However, unlike in the unitary-only approach, under TI, the reduced density operator for the measured system can legitimately be interpreted as representing the occurrence of an actual measurement result.

Paper can be accessed here: Decoherence and TI4

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