Topic for 2018 Int’l Workshop on Quantum Foundations

I would like to discuss the Relativistic Transactional Interpretation, specifically the explicit derivation of the Born Rule for radiative processes as presented in my recent paper with John Cramer (

It appears clear that TI and RTI provide a physical account of measurement as well as a physical derivation of the Born Rule. Previous objections to TI (such as that of Maudlin) have been unambiguously resolved and/or nullified (e.g., Thus, TI is still perfectly viable and provides long-sought solutions to pressing problems in quantum theory regarding the need for a physically grounded definition of ‘measurement’ and the source of the Born Rule (as well as a solution to the consistency problems for QFT as reflected in Haag’s theorem, Curiously, however, TI is still not generally recognized as among the ‘mainstream’ approaches. I look forward to discussing with other IJQF members why that might be. Is it the apparent “action at a distance” of the direct-action theory that is off-putting? Is it because both Wheeler and Feynman abandoned their theory (though Wheeler was later advocating it again in 2003)? Comments welcome.

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