An analogy for the relativistic quantum mechanics via a model of de Broglie wave-covariant æther

Mohammed Sanduk (University of Surrey)

Based on de Broglie wave hypothesis and covariant æther, Three Wave Hypothesis (TWH) has been proposed and developed in last century. In 2007, the author found that the TWH may be attributed to a kinematical classical system of two rolling circles. Based on the model of two rolling circles and in 2012, the author showed that the position vector of a point in this model can be transformed to a complex vector under the effect of partial observation. In the present project, this concept of transformation is developed to be a lab observation concept. Under this transformation of the lab observer, it is found that velocity equation of the motion of the point is transformed to an equation analogise the relativistic quantum mechanics equation (Dirac equation). Many other analogies have been found, and are listed in a comparison table. The project presents an analogy to explain the entanglement within the scope of the transformation. These analogies may suggest that both of the quantum mechanics and the special relativity are emergent, and both of them are unified, and of the same origin. Full text

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