On the Reality of the Wavefunction

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Recently, I have written a paper arguing against the claim of the PBR theorem. That is, I have shown that statistics of PBR’s scenario can be reproduced by $\psi$-epistemic ontological models. However, the only thing that is required is to consider the role of the measurement ontic states. In what follows, I have provided the abstract of the paper and arXiv’s link to it. Can you please provide me with your feedback and comments?

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Link: https://arxiv.org/abs/1706.01819



Within the Ontological Models Framework (OMF), Pusey, Barrett, and Rudolph (PBR) have given an argument by which they claimed that the epistemic view on the wavefunction should be ruled out. This study highlights an incorrect conclusion in PBR’s arguments, which was made due to inadequacies in the definitions of OMF. To be precise, OMF models the ontology of the preparation procedure, but it does not model the ontology of the measurement device. Such an asymmetric treatment becomes problematic, in scenarios in which measurement devices have a quantum nature. Modifying the OMF’s definition such that the ontology of the measurement device becomes included, we will see how PBR’s result disappears.



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