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    Ruth Kastner wrote on August 21, 2016 in a discussion forum arising out of the AAAS June 15-16 Retrocausality III Workshop at the University of San Diego
    e.g. https://vimeo.com/171013596
    https://vimeo.com/171178181 (Rod Sutherland)

    “However as Jack has pointed out, this involved violation of the Born Rule, and as I’ve pointed out, there would be in-principle empirically observable violations of Maxwell’s eqs if such violations involve coherent field states. This could serve as a test of Jack’s model, so I think he should embrace those predictions.”

    to which I replied:

    The Glauber coherent states defined here


    do not exist without the Born rule.

    This is the problem with your argument.

    The real problem here is to find the solution for

    post-quantum coherent “Frohlich”-? states 😉

    in which Sutherland’s complete post-quantum Lagrangian is used prior to his taking the quantum limit where he integrates over the final destiny <f| states and ad hoc inserts the Born rule as the weighting factor in his integral

    i.e. P(f|i) = ||^2 in his integral

    This procedure reduces the non-unitary nonlinear operator post-quantum Aharonov weak measurement Lagrangian to the linear operator unitary quantum evolution using only the retarded forward in time |i> evolution that Henry Stapp mistakenly thinks he can explain consciousness with.

    Henry Stapp also contradicts himself because any biasing of the Born rule is a direct violation of the core principle of orthodox quantum theory.

    That said

    Post-quantum Frohlich coherent states limit to quantum Glauber coherent states when Sutherland’s action-reaction Lagrangian is forced to zero.

    However, Ruth does have a point that in living matter it is the post-quantum Frohlich coherent states that should exist.

    There will be no problem with energy conservation as Sutherland proves quite generally.

    The coherent state obeys

    a|z> = z|z>

    a is the boson destruction operator

    z is the complex number coherent amplitude and phase like in ordinary classical electrical engineering in a given mode of the boson harmonic oscillator


    da/dt = [H,a]

    H = Hermitian operator for the “energy”

    However in post-quantum theory

    da’/dt = [H’,a’]

    H’ is now a non-Hermitian nonlinear Aharonov weak measurement operator on the advanced destiny Hilbert spaces.

    This is a whole new mathematics that must be developed.

    I am sure the pure mathematicians have already done it somewhere in the literature.

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    Typo correction

    . P(f|i) = ||^2 in his integral

    should be

    . P(f|i) = ||^2 in his integral

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    Sorry it’s the bracket symbol not showing up – let me try again

    Typo correction

    . P(f|i) = ||^2 in his integral

    should be

    . P(f|i) = |(f|i)|^2 in his integral

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