An Information-Based Solution to the Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics

Maya Lincoln and Avi Wassery (University of Haifa)

One of the most intriguing challenges that physics has been confronting during the recent decades is the measurement problem in quantum mechanics (QM). Despite the extensive research on this enigmatic phenomenon, science is still searching an explanation for the irreversible transformation of a measured system from a wave-like (quantum) state to a deterministic state. To confront this challenge, we propose the Vivo-Information (VI) framework, aimed at providing a complete model of the QM measurement process by formalizing the hitherto fuzzy role of the observer. The model provides a resolution to the QM measurement problem by dening and integrating the observer, expressed in information terms, into the measurement process. The suggested framework does not require amendments to the laws of physics, but rather provides an information-driven explanation
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    A solution to the measurement problem is available in the transactional picture (TIQM). See eg Kastner (2012):
    and in conceptual terms for the general reader, my latest book:
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