Analysis of Everett’s quantum interpretation from the point of view of a Bohmian

Aurelien Drezet (CNRS-University Joseph Fourier)

In this article we discuss and compare the many worlds interpretation (MWI) proposed by Everett and others and the pilot wave interpretation (PWI) of de Broglie and Bohm. We focus our study on two fundamental issues: i) the ontological framework definition, and ii) the meaning of probability (i.e., the Born rule). We show that PWI leads to much better answers than MWI for the two issues. Also, we show that the probability issue represents a dramatic problem in the context of MWI while it is mainly a refinement of the classical realm in the PWI. Finally, we propose a new hybrid `toy’ version of MWI and PWI which solves the two issues discussed in the article. Full text

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