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Lapsing Quickly into Fatalism: Bell on Backward Causation

Travis Norsen, Huw Price This is a dialogue between Huw Price and Travis Norsen, loosely inspired by a letter that Price received from J. S. Bell in 1988. The main topic of discussion is Bell’s views about retrocausal approaches to quantum theory, and their relevance to contemporary issues. Full text

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (6)

Approaches to causality and multi-agent paradoxes in non-classical theories. (arXiv:2102.02393v1 [quant-ph]) 上午10:10 | V. Vilasini | quant-ph updates on This thesis reports progress in the analysis of causality and multi-agent logical paradoxes in quantum and post-quantum theories. These research areas are highly relevant for the foundations of physics as well as the development of quantum technologies. In the first… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (26-28)

From probabilistic mechanics to quantum theory. (arXiv:1907.08513v1 [quant-ph]) 下午3:18 | quant-ph updates on Authors: Ulf Klein We show that quantum theory (QT) is a substructure of classical probabilistic physics. The central quantity of the classical theory is Hamilton’s function $H(q,p)$, which determines canonical equations, a corresponding flow $\phi_{t}^{H}$, and a Liouville equation for the probability density $\rho(q,p,t)$. We extend this… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (50)

Review of “Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: An Exploration of the Physical Meaning of Quantum Theory”  International Journal of Quantum Foundations » International Journal of Quantum Foundations on 2017-12-25 8:46am GMT Volume 4, Issue 1, pages 147-157 Jean Bricmont [Show Biography] I was born 12 April 1952 in Belgium; I got my phD in 1977 at the University of Louvain in Belgium. I… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (13)

This is a list of this week’s papers on quantum foundations published in the various journals or uploaded to the preprint servers such as and PhilSci Archive. A Survey of the ESR Model for an Objective Reinterpretation of Quantum Mechanics Latest Results for International Journal of Theoretical Physics on 2015-3-28 12:00am GMT Abstract Contextuality and nonlocality (hence nonobjectivity of physical properties) are usually maintained… Read more →