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Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (3)

Classical and Quantum Measurement Theory. (arXiv:2201.04667v1 [quant-ph]) 上午10:15 | Peter Morgan | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org Classical and quantum measurement theories are usually held to be different because the algebra of classical measurements is commutative, however the Poisson bracket allows noncommutativity to be added naturally. After we introduce noncommutativity into classical measurement theory, we can also add quantum noise, differentiated… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (33)

Determination of finite dimensional pure quantum state by the discrete analogues of position and momentum. (arXiv:2108.05752v1 [quant-ph]) 上午9:21 | Yu Wang | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org The position and momentum distributions play an important role in the determination of classical and quantum states, which reveals a fundamental gap between classical and quantum world. For finite dimensional quantum system, a particle… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (46)

Objective trajectories in hybrid classical-quantum dynamics. (arXiv:2011.06009v1 [quant-ph]) 上午9:32 | Jonathan Oppenheim, Carlo Sparaciari, Barbara Šoda, Zachary Weller-Davies | quant-ph updates on arXiv.org Consistent dynamics which couples classical and quantum degrees of freedom exists, provided it is stochastic. This provides a way to study the back-reaction of quantum fields on space-time which does not suffer from the pathologies of the… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (21)

Deterministic Quantum Mechanics: the Mathematical Equations Gerard t Hooft Download PDF Without wasting time and effort on philosophical justifications and implications, we write down the conditions for the Hamiltonian of a quantum system for rendering it mathematically equivalent to a deterministic system. These are the equations to be considered. Special attention is given to the notion of `locality’. Various examples… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (22)

Quantum Nature of Black Holes: Fast Scrambling versus Echoes. (arXiv:1906.02653v1 [hep-th])  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2019-6-07 1:17pm GMT Authors: Krishan Saraswat, Niayesh Afshordi Two seemingly distinct notions regarding black holes have captured the imagination of theoretical physicists over the past decade: First, black holes are conjectured to be fast scramblers of information, a notion that is further supported through connections to… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (7)

Life, death, new species and children from a “Quantum Game of Life”. (arXiv:1902.07834v1 [quant-ph])  quant-ph updates on arXiv.org on 2019-2-23 12:58am GMT Authors: David Faux, Mayank Shah, Christopher Knapp The classical “game of life” (GOL) due to Conway is a famous mathematical game constructed as a two-dimensional cellular automaton in which each cell is either alive or dead. A set of evolutionary rules… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (1)

Signs of Dynamical Dark Energy in Current Observations. (arXiv:1811.03505v3 [astro-ph.CO] UPDATED)  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2019-1-05 2:18am GMT Authors: Joan Sola, Adria Gomez-Valent, Javier de Cruz Perez Investigations on dark energy (DE) are currently inconclusive about its time evolution. Hints of this possibility do however glow now and then in the horizon. Herein we assess the current status of dynamical dark energy… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (51)

Triply Positive Matrices and Quantum Measurements Motivated by QBism. (arXiv:1812.08762v1 [quant-ph])  quant-ph updates on arXiv.org on 2018-12-22 3:56am GMT Authors: John B. DeBrota, Christopher A. Fuchs, Blake C. Stacey We study a class of quantum measurements that furnish probabilistic representations of finite-dimensional quantum theory. The Gram matrices associated with these Minimal Informationally Complete quantum measurements (MICs) exhibit a rich structure. They are “positive”… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (45)

A non-equilibrium system as a demon. (arXiv:1811.02453v2 [cond-mat.mes-hall] UPDATED)  quant-ph updates on arXiv.org on 2018-11-10 1:30am GMT Authors: Rafael Sánchez, Janine Splettstoesser, Robert S. Whitney Maxwell demons are creatures that are imagined to be able to reduce the entropy of a system without performing any work on it. Conventionally, such a Maxwell demon’s intricate action consists in measuring individual particles and subsequently performing… Read more →

Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (38)

How to make a quantum black hole with ultra-cold gases. (arXiv:1709.07189v1 [cond-mat.quant-gas])  hep-th updates on arXiv.org on 2017-9-22 12:53am GMT Authors: Ippei Danshita, Masanori Hanada, Masaki Tezuka The realization of quantum field theories on an optical lattice is an important subject toward the quantum simulation. We argue that such efforts would lead to the experimental realizations of quantum black holes. The basic idea… Read more →