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Weekly Papers on Quantum Foundations (26)

This is a list of this week’s papers on quantum foundations published in various journals or uploaded to preprint servers such as and PhilSci Archive. The true quantum face of the “exponential” decay law. (arXiv:1606.07301v1 [quant-ph]) quant-ph updates on on 2016-6-25 8:04am GMT Authors: K. Urbanowski Results of theoretical studies of the quantum unstable systems caused that there are… Read more →

Non-Relativistic Limit of the Dirac Equation

Muhammad Adeel Ajaib (California Polytechnic State University) We show that the first order form of the Schrodinger equation proposed in [1] can be obtained from the Dirac equation in the non-relativistic limit. We also show that the Pauli Hamiltonian is obtained from this equation by requiring local gauge invariance. In addition, we study the problem of a spin up particle… Read more →